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Energy Partners

Address: Edmar Street 2, Belville 2094, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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Energy Partners, part of the PSG group of companies, invests in, owns and operates energy assets for the benefit of our clients. Energy Partners Refrigeration (EPR) a division of Energy Partners, offers both turnkey and outsourced solutions to clients requiring cooling in the industrial and commercial sectors. 

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that when combined with natural refrigerants, addresses both the direct and indirect contributions of refrigeration systems to global warming while providing the end-user with the lowest life cycle cost. We monitor performance and proactively manage maintenance to ensure optimal efficiency, maximising client profitability and thereby ensuring long term plant reliability.

What do we do?

We sell cooling-as-a-service (CaaS). CaaS, in principle, is an agreement where the supplier (EP Refrigeration) agrees to generate and sell cooling to the client. Typically, the client grants permission to the supplier to, at its own cost, erect and operate a refrigeration plant at the client’s premises. The cooling generated (measured in kilowatt hour refrigeration or “kWhR”) is then sold to the client at a pre-agreed tariff with fixed and variable components – which is typically lower than the total life cycle cost of generating cooling by the client.

Our servitisation approach to refrigeration overcomes key market barriers to clean and efficient cooling, by enabling customers to make investment decisions based on optimised life-cycle cost (as opposed to capital cost only) and enables the deployment of natural refrigerants with inherently low to zero GWP and ODP values.

How do we do it?

We take on technological and operational risks on behalf of our clients and in turn, guarantee efficiency.  EPR takes care of the cooling enabling clients to focus on their core business. 

EP takes all the risk and our asset management team drives predicitive maintenance.

Why do we do it?

Electricity consumption contributes between 60% and 75% of the life cycle cost of Refrigeration systems and is the primary driver of C02 emissions mainly through the fossil fuelled power stations in South Africa. Secondary to this is refrigerant gas leaks in synthetic refrigerant systems.

We believe that profitability is possible within a low carbon, climate-resilient economy.

Better business. Better performance. Better planet.

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