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Biofach - World Organic Trade Fair

This Trade Fair has a high Profile

The atmosphere at BIOFACH is very special. It is an important business event, an emotional event for the organic sector, and both a get-together and an opportunity for positioning. Not for nothing is BIOFACH the annual platform for:

  • Sector and people: Nowhere else do all the customers, suppliers, partners and potential new customers meet personally in a comparable way than at BIOFACH and VIVANESS.
  • Market and products: BIOFACH and VIVANESS are THE platform for positioning. This is where supply meets demand – for both visitors and the exhibiting companies. Manufacturers present their company and products to the whole community at the world's leading exhibition and observe and analyze the market and position themselves for the competition at the same time.
  • Image and PR: The exhibition duo is used for image building by manufacturers and traders and all the stakeholders involved. With 1,000 media representatives from 36 countries and extensive media reporting, BIOFACH and VIVANESS offer a powerful PR platform.
  • Content and knowledge: Exhibitions are knowledge platforms. The BIOFACH Congress and VIVANESS Forum provide extensive information about the organic sector worldwide. 7,533 congress participants sourced information at 169 individual events in 2013.
  • Politics and public opinion: Every year, BIOFACH and VIVANESS gather representatives from politics, associations, NGOs, VIPs and other opinion formers and figures of public interest. Here the organic stakeholders discuss matters concerning the future of the market and use this joint platform for shaping the future.

Success Story of BIOFACH

BIOFACH takes place for the 25th year in succession in 2014 and can look back on an outstanding success story.It all began with 197 exhibitors in the Ludwigshafen Stadthalle in 1990. Some 2,500 visitors attended the "1st European Trade Fair for Organic Food and Natural Products" at that time. The exhibition was organized in Nuremberg for the first time in 1999 and brought together as many as 1,276 exhibitors and more than 21,000 visitors.

Since then BIOFACH has developed into THE World's leading Trade Fair for Organic Food and is firmly established. The natural cosmetics segment was separated from the exhibition in 2007 and since then has been organized parallel to BIOFACH as VIVANESS (International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care). Take a look back at the last BIOFACH and VIVANESS and whet your appetite for the coming exhibition duo:

  • 2,207 exhibitors (VIVANESS: 206), international share: 1.594 (VIVANESS: 133)
  • 41,794 visitors from 126 countries, international share: 44 %
  • 93 % of the exhibitors were able to reach their most important target groups
  • 91 % of the exhibitors established new business relations
  • 99 % of the visitors were satisfied with the opportunities for obtaining information and establishing contact
  • 92 % of the visitors are involved in purchasing decisions in their company