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Address: 374 Rivonia Boulevard, Commerce House 374 Rivonia Boulevar, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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Megavision Whatsapp ImageSince 2004, MegaVision Media has operated as one of South Africa’s leading in-store media experts. Forming relationships with hundreds of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies, MegaVision Media helps bring brands to life at point of sale, where shoppers are making their final purchasing decisions. MegaVision Media works directly with retailers and wholesalers across South Africa in order to curate a range of media platforms that brands can use to drive home their messages as shoppers move through the store. 

In-Store Branding
MegaVision Media owns and manages 20 000 media fixtures across a national footprint of retail and wholesale stores in South Africa. MegaVision Media believes that every brand deserves hassle free, inexpensive advertising at store level. MegaVision Media also helps new stores with store branding, gondola end management, fridge branding, signage and point of sale execution. 

Township Branding
Over and above the core business of in-store media, MegaVision Media also works with high-traffic spaza shops across national townships. MegaVision Media paints the spaza’s façade, brands the spaza with new signage and installs point of sale material on behalf of brands. This transforms an otherwise ordinary spaza shop into a powerful brand space. MegaVision Media works together  with their digital partner, the ConnectGroup, to digitally map spaza installations and collect brand data, like pricing and competitor activity through field surveys. This added value of provides clients with a real-time visibility of execution through their own customised business intelligence dashboard. This means that a brand manager can log onto the platform, from the comfort of their office, and track the project execution and rollout in real-time. 

Retail and Field Sale Technology Solutions
MegaVision Media’s digital division, the ConnectGroup, provides retail and field sales technology solutions to brands, agencies and distributors. 

ConnectFMCG is the route to market, field sales platform that allows brands to keep up with retail compliance demands, POSM execution, competitor activity and prices. ConnectFMCG is built to make daily call visits focused, productive and empowering. The ConnectGroup offers packages suited to both big and small businesses.

Merchie is a platform that is primarily designed for merchandisers. The platform integrates with retailer data and allows merchandisers to track, manage and understand issues relating to stock brand and by store.

10 products / services
- BrandingBoard (Makro Stores)
- MegaPave (Pick ’n Pay Stores)
- MegaStatic (Pick ’n Pay Stores)
- Aisle Branding (Select Wholesale Stores)
- Till Point Branding (Select Wholesale Stores)
- Indoor MegaBoard (Select Wholesale Stores)
- MegaFlex Hanging System (Select Wholesale Stores)
- MegaLite (Select Cash ’n Carry Stores)
- Outdoor MegaBoard (Select Wholesale Stores)
- MegaBanner (Select Rural Areas)

Establishment year: 2004
Business location has not been defined