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Clyronex - Secure Cash Automation

It’s time to transform the way you manage cash in your retail stores.
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Clyronex is the official South African distributor, re-seller and support partner of Glory Global Solutions for the CASHINFINITYTM range of Point of Sale cash management recycling equipment.

We have been designated by Glory Global Solutions to market and service their related cash management hardware and software solutions in South Africa. Some of our customers include Roots Butcheries, Waltloo Meat & Chicken, United Meat & Chicken as well numerous Independently owned Pharmacies and Supermarkets across the country.

Manual cash management is slow, costly and error prone.

Clyronex and Glory CASHINFINITYTM is your solution.

The GLORY CASHINFINITYTM range of Point of Sale and Back Office devices greatly reduce cash losses at the point of transaction, by eliminating the need for hand to hand cash exchanges, automatically rejecting invalid cash and by always dispensing exactly the right amount of change. Human error disappears and each transaction is as fast and efficient as possible. The cash management equipment reduces cost, time and effort needed to process cash from collection at the point of transaction to the back office. Use of secure cassettes means cash can be “lifted” quickly and losses at this stage are cut out entirely. Instead of spending valuable customer service time each day at the points of transaction collecting, counting and moving cash, the process is now fast, efficient and secure.

GLORY CASHINFINITYTM supports a safe that is certified to recognised industry-standards. The system prepares banknotes for pickup by the CIT supplier in a variety of ways, enabling your business to design and manage a process that is exactly right for their needs. This solution can also reduce CIT costs, partly by cutting out the need for special trips to deliver change and because the proven security of back office safes make it unnecessary to deliver cash to the bank every day. 

Knowing that cash is still the most widely used form of payment, Clyronex and Glory CASHINFINITYTM management products and services to business will greatly contribute to your day-to-day retail efficiencies.




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