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Food Indaba

Food Indaba (formerly Food Dialogues) is an annual programme of talks and events that focus on the local food system. The Food Indaba brings together a wide range of speakers involved in shaping the food system, providing an opportunity for food growers, academics, activists, writers, nutritionists, policy makers, food lovers and anyone interested in sustainable approaches, to engage in key issues intimately connected to the food we eat, and find ways to work together in creating a better food future

Dialogues Through Food

The popular eating part of the programme, continued in 2023 with a range of chef-lead culinary adventures, where the focus is on food stories and the why and the where of our food choices, as opposed to the how.

Polycrisis and the Food System

We are barely out of a global pandemic, and are now dealing with load shedding, a pending water crisis, the impacts of climate change and potential natural system shocks. How do we strengthen our food systems to face these challenges?

Pan African Online Conference

Food Dialogues 2023 introduced an online only conference event, as well as laying the foundation for Food Dialogues events in other African urban centres, thus creating both Pan-African and global connections around our food systems.

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