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International Fresh Produce Association, Southern Africa

IFPA Southern Africa Conference

This highly anticipated event will provide a platform for vibrant discussions, insightful presentations, and fruitful networking opportunities centred around the bountiful world of fresh produce.

The conference aims to bring together a diverse community of producers, distributors, input and service providers, wholesalers, retailers, importers/exporters, processors, manufacturers and anyone passionate about fresh produce.

Together, we will explore the latest trends, innovations, and challenges facing the industry, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing and mutual growth.

The IFPA Southern Africa Conference offers an opportunity to all participants in the value chain to expand knowledge, broaden networks, and gain valuable insights from leading experts and industry pioneers. We strive to offer an enriching experience that will leave delegates inspired, informed, and motivated to make a positive impact in the world of fresh produce.

As such, the Southern Africa Conference is a unique and prestigious marketing opportunity. We are confident that your involvement as a sponsor and/or exhibitor at this event will provide your company with excellent exposure and business rewards.

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