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Organic & Natural Products Expo Africa

The Organic & Natural Products Expo Africa is a distinctive trade fair on the African continent, devoted exclusively to organic and natural products. Established in 2020, it has transformed into a hybrid event catering to professional buyers while also enabling retail sales directly to consumers. This expo is held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg and is organised in collaboration with the African Biotrade Festival. It serves as a platform for local and international manufacturers, suppliers, importers, and exporters to showcase their products to a broad audience.

The Organic & Natural Products Expo Africa is of considerable importance as it fosters the development and exchange of organic and natural products in a region with immense potential for sustainable growth. The expo features a wide array of product categories, including food and beverages, ingredients and raw materials, health foods, dietary supplements, and specialty foods, as well as cosmetics and hygiene products, beauty and personal care items, household goods, and organic gardening. Besides the exhibition, numerous supplementary activities such as demonstrations, consultations, workshops, and special events are planned. The Sandton Convention Centre, the venue of the expo, is a modern, multifunctional trade and convention centre located in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is easily accessible and offers a variety of services and facilities for both exhibitors and visitors.

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