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Fine Food & Wine Show

Fine Food & Wine – There is not one without the other

Fine food and wine are the epitome of fusion, elevating a meal into an experience. The Fine Food & Wine Show educates even the ultra-connoisseur with a Bespoke Wine Tasting Lounge, Mzansi Junior Chef of the Year Competition, and Tablescapes and Settings Masterclass. Become a dinner circle celebrity with these events.

Things to enjoy at the Fine Food & Wine Show

The finest of detail transforms a bite-to-eat into a sensational experience. This event is sure to educate even the most spectacular host or hostess and make them the envy of their dinner party circles.

Bespoke wine tasting lounge

Everyone has their favourite until they try something new, And, as we all know, the wines of the world just keep getting better. This lounge will be a big draw card for sippers and collectors alike.

Mzansi junior chef of the year

Reality food shows are never ending on TV these days and every viewer loves to be astounded by the culinary talent that some of the kids exude. What better than watching our Mzansi Youth display their cheffing skills live on Youth Day?

Tablescapes and settings masterclass

Whether hosting a braai or an extravagant dinner party, the desire to impress is deep within us all. For those who take pride and joy in every place-setting, this class will be an absolute must.

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