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The company, founded in 1976, has carried the FRICON brand for more than 47 years and is recognized by its main business partners in more than 118 countries and 5 continents.

Focused on the food and beverage refrigeration and freezing sector, FRICON offers a wide range of horizontal and vertical plug-in solutions, giving food retailers and brand owners the flexibility to optimize their points of sale and increase sales.

To achieve maximum performance and the best levels of energy efficiency (values that are part of FRICON's DNA), the technical team uses its experience to regularly improve all solutions. As a result of this effort, more than 10 models in both the supermarket and ice cream segments have been honored as "energy efficiency leaders" by the renowned organization for 2 consecutive years.

The production units and sales offices in Europe and South America have been heavily invested in and equipped with larger work areas, new machinery and the best human resources, satisfying the needs of their customers all over the world.

In 2023, FRICON presented one more model to the market, the new Upperdeck Full Vision (UPD FV) Vertical Display Cabinet, which is a cutting-edge solution for the most modern and elegant supermarkets. When mounted on an "island", a 360º glass display is achieved, resulting in greater product exposure and impact on the end consumer.

Brands such as the following have trusted FRICON and its quality for many years: Shoprite Group, SPAR, Carrefour, Jerónimo Martins Group (Pingo Doce, Recheio, Biedronka and ARA), SONAE Group (Modelo and Bom dia), Intermarché, Auchan, Unilever, Marks & Spencer, Nestlé, Budweiser, among others.

Lastly, we have reinforced our sustainable mindset in the market through the presentation of a new brand communication: "The purity of being sustainable". This is more than a drive. It is a mindset, it is a lifestyle, it is how we want to impact the world and how we want our customers to feel. Pure and sustainable. In every single one of our products. In every single one of our partnerships.

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