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Last Mile Delivery Specialists
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Introducing Last. Mile. Fast (LMF) - a groundbreaking, award-winning solution poised to revolutionize the on-demand delivery landscape, particularly in South Africa. LMF is designed to render the middle and last-mile segments not only cost-effective but also highly adaptable to businesses across various sectors.

Pioneering in its approach, LMF emerged after extensive research in both B2B and B2C On-demand delivery realms, a customer experience focused offering from merchant specific solution at low cost, delivery as a service nationally from R39 per drop. Given the surge in e-commerce and its pivotal role in retail economic activities, merchants are confronted with the challenge of providing an online delivery solution to meet customer demands promptly. LMF steps in as a customer experience, rider safety ESG and DEI focused solution, giving back to communities.

Traditionally, the expenses associated with establishing an online presence and providing on-demand delivery solutions have been exorbitant, with costs per drop and fees accounting for up to 30% of the basket value, not to mention platform subscription fees. LMF disrupts this paradigm through its innovative technology and exclusive products, delivering an exceptional customer experience at a low cost, delivery as a service, with a sustainable and scalable offering.


Key components of the LMF solution include

  1. Hero Motorcycles: The world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer boasting a platinum ESG rating, best workplace for women, highest DEI commitment. The Hero ECO 150, recognized as the safest commercial motorcycle in South Africa, ensures the lowest total cost of ownership, coupled with rider safety features and factory-fitted crash protection.
  2. Hero Connect: A proudly South African developed ‘on demand last mile’ focused telematics device offering an award winning, world first IoT device. With full API integration for route optimization and accurate live tracking at very low cost. Hero Connect does not rely on a rider’s phone for location and instead is sent from the motorcycle. Rider swopping alert and ignition cut, Biometrics, temperature monitoring, Emissions and Dust monitoring, Rider fatigue, maintenance management with digital alerts. Hero Connect is so much more than a tracking device with over 1200 data points, every request solved!
  3. Smart Box: Proudly South Africa, the SmartBox is clever! The first injection moulded, 100% recyclable, safety infused industry specific Box. World first offering with features such as remote locking via OTP for high value/medical/sensitive parcels to 0% food or parcel contamination. Temperature monitoring with POD. Water/Dust/Emissions proof with live monitoring. Unique food/parcel tamper or theft alerts, live tracking, and remote locking. With a guaranteed, monitored cold chain offering to 0Deg C for over 3 Hours.
  4. Route Optimization: Lowest cost , leading route optimization technology tailored to your requirements, enabling more affordable and accessible on-demand deliveries, easy integration including lowest cost per drop.
  5. E-Commerce: Looking foy your own marketplace? Want to be online? Our solution is available at low cost. Designed for any B2B, B2C , every brick and mortar store can enjoy the Online growth!.Get online now! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your demo now!


The LMF offering can be adopted as a comprehensive solution or selectively, catering to the unique needs of your business. Deliveries are facilitated through a dedicated fleet or our subscription-based 'Delivery as a Service' offering, making online presence more accessible than ever, without the typical high associated costs.


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