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Mpact Plastic Containers

Address: 9 Piet Pretorius Street, Brits 9 Piet Pretorius Str, Brits, Johannesburg 0250, Gauteng, South Africa
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Mpact Plastic ContainersMpact Plastic Containers forms part of Mpact Operations and is the leading supplier of Returnable Transit Packaging in the Southern African market. There are two manufacturing plants; one in Brits, North West, and the other in Atlantis, Western Cape. Each plant is host to a 5500t Engel Duo machine, the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Mpact Plastic Containers offers a fresh modern approach to plastic packaging, moving away from outdated, single-trip disposable packaging and developing instead, an array of multi-trip, re-usable containers that constitute the largest range of Returnable Transit Packaging   (RTP) systems in South Africa. All products fall into one of five basic categories i.e. Materials Handling, Environmental, Jumbo Bins, Agriculture and Retail.

Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. We are always looking for new products to bring to market which meet the needs of customers. Focusing on ‘niche markets’ is always an exciting challenge for us. Over the years we found that a solutions-based approach works best when we understand the challenges faced by customers. Our customers have become our valued partners.

We understand that purchasing plastic crates may be a costly exercise, therefore we also offer a rentals and services option. Our customers have the option of renting containers from us, which means that customers benefit from using containers and pallets without paying higher prices. Rented products can be fitted with RFID tags so that the risk of containers and pallets getting misplaced is reduced.

We also create new life for all our plastic products at the end of the product life cycle. Most of our partners are faced with the challenge of not knowing what to do with plastic products when they have reached their end of life. Our solution to this problem is allowing our customers to return old crates to us in exchange for new crates.

Old crates may be returned to Mpact Plastic Containers at the end of their 10-15 year life cycle. We have an on-site recycling facility where we recycle old products and use this recycled material to create new plastic products. This is how we are closing the loop and ensuring minimal natural resources are extracted from the Earth’s surface.


Neil Hare Road, Atlantis, South Africa.
T.  021 573 9400

9 Piet Pretorius Street, Brits, South Africa.
T.  012 250 9100

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