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Giving Food Value
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For four decades, AHT, based in Austria, has exemplified uncompromising quality. AHT pioneered an entire industry with its eco-friendly R290 refrigerant, solidifying its position as a global leader. Through innovation and adaptability, AHT continues to be a steadfast partner in the food retail sector.

Austria Haustechnik, as AHT was known in its early days, was born on April 16, 1983. In its inaugural year, AHT achieved a significant milestone by developing glass-lidded chests for frozen foods and ice cream. In 1986, this groundbreaking product was introduced, earning immediate acclaim.

AHT made history at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, unveiling the first entirely CFC-free units featuring the environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant, which set a new industry standard. AHT further expanded its portfolio to include a vertical chiller and freezer with R290.

With headquarters in Rottenmann and additional production facilities in China, the USA, and Brazil, AHT tailors its products to local markets. Nine global sales companies provide on-site support to customers. In 2019, AHT joined the Daikin family, gaining access to a vast network and evolving into a comprehensive One-Stop Solutions provider. AHT now offers CO2 units to align with current environmental trends.

As of 2023, AHT holds a 64% market share in Europe and 33% worldwide in the plug-in sector. A global workforce of approximately 1,500 employees ensures seamless production, top-notch service, and unmatched customer satisfaction. With over 5,000 satisfied customers, from major chains to small retailers, AHT's presence spans 115 countries, served through subsidiaries and partners.

Today, AHT stands as a one-stop-solution provider for the food retail industry, offering integrated commercial refrigeration and freezing systems. These systems are capable of integration into building management systems and heating and cooling setups, utilizing waste heat to enhance energy efficiency. AHT's offerings include Semi Plug-in (SPI) systems with the natural refrigerant R290 and remote CO2 systems, catering to each customer's unique needs.

In partnership with the Daikin Group, AHT extends its offerings to cold room units, AC units, heat pumps, air handling units, various CO2 compressor racks, and comprehensive system services. This transformation positions AHT as a leading one-stop-solution provider, facilitating the shift from product manufacturing to system solutions.


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