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"Three Decades of Excellence: Celebrating 30 Years of Dursots All Joy Foods"

| Ivana | Partner Content

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation:

Dursots® - All Joy Foods® celebrates 30 years of excellence, a journey that began in 1993 under Eastern Trading Company (Pty) Ltd. Our Dursots® and All Joy Foods® brands have consistently delivered exceptional taste and nutrition, from canned vegetables to Halaal-certified meats.

Rooted in Commitment to Local Sourcing:

A defining feature has been our steadfast dedication to sourcing majority of raw materials and packaging from South African origins. This commitment guarantees authenticity, upholding stringent quality standards that reflect the rich essence of South Africa's agricultural landscape.

Navigating Horizontal Growth for Quality Control:

Guided by a philosophy of horizontal growth, we prioritize meticulous control over costs and raw material quality. Emphasizing strategic backward integration, this approach has allowed us to maintain excellence throughout the production process.

Efficiency in Distribution and Sustainability:

With our fleet and centralized warehouse in Johannesburg, Dursots® - All Joy Foods® optimizes supply chain logistics, ensuring our products reach consumers nationwide efficiently, contributing to South Africa's agricultural sustainability.

Family-Led Values, Future-Focused Vision:

As a family-led enterprise, our commitment to providing wholesome, high-quality products remains unwavering. Celebrating our 30th anniversary, we reflect on our achievements and look forward to continuing our legacy, contributing to South Africa's culinary landscape with authenticity, quality, and reliability.

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