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First Choice unveils pioneering tethered cap for ESL milk cartons

| Ivana | Partner Content

Woodlands Dairy, leader in sustainability, is set to be the first South African company to introduce tethered caps on their ESL milk (extended shelf life) cartons, available in 2lt full cream and low-fat variants.

This milestone aligns with Woodlands Dairy's commitment to sustainable practices, marking a significant step in enhancing the eco-friendliness of their product portfolio.

According to Marisa Maccaferri, Marketing Executive of Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, their approach aligns with their values and beliefs, recognising the environmental impact of their packaging choices. “For Woodlands Dairy, packaging is more than preserving product freshness; it's a vital channel to express and uphold our commitment to sustainability. Partnering with Nampak and other strategic partners, we aim to create packaging that not only meets high functionality standards but also contributes positively to the planet,” she says.

Maccaferri goes on to highlight the significance of tethered caps in addressing litter concerns and promoting responsible disposal practices.  “Tethered caps remain securely attached to the container throughout the packaging life cycle, increasing the likelihood of their collection and integration into the recycling stream, thus increasing the recyclability of plastic closures and reducing the demand for virgin plastic. Our position as the first to introduce these caps to the market in South Africa underscores our ongoing commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, and to inspire industry-wide adoption of sustainable practices.” she explains.

The caps supplied by Svallin are not only 100% recyclable but also 100% renewable. Maccaferri continues that opting for renewable resources reduces reliance on finite fossil fuels. By replacing fossil content in plastics with plant-based content, green house gas emissions are reduced, mitigating the environmental impact of plastic production.

The decision to opt for tethered caps for their ESL packaging required careful consideration of cost, convenience, and environmental impact. Despite potential upfront cost differences, Woodlands Dairy sees it as a necessary and forward-thinking investment in sustainability, with long-term benefits outweighing any initial expenses.

With the increasing awareness of environmental concerns among consumers, sustainable packaging plays a crucial role in influencing final product choices and purchase decisions. “Tethered caps provide an innovative solution that actively contributes to reducing plastic pollution and enhancing consumer convenience. As a company, we consistently evaluate and benchmark our packaging choices against industry standards and emerging technologies. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability motivates us to explore solutions that not only fulfil our operational requirements but also make positive contributions to the environment. Through these efforts, we aspire to set an industry example, promoting the adoption of packaging solutions that prioritise both the planet and the consumer,” Maccaferri concludes.

For more information, please visit Woodlands Dairy.

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