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Electronic Shelf Labels with sub-second flash response and 10-year battery life

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Imagine a retail shopping experience where customers can quickly and easily find in-store prices, promotions, and product details without confusion or delays - for a smoother shopping journey and increased satisfaction. Then imagine if store owners could rapidly update pricing and promotions across all shelves in the store - consistently and with zero errors.




Now imagine extending that efficiency to managing inventory, as Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) integrate with AI-driven platforms to optimise stock levels, minimize out-of-stock situations and ensure that stock is always visible on store shelves. The integration can even enhance omni-channel experiences like Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and Click and Collect, making them more seamless and convenient for customers.

Trusted Supplier
NEC XON offers transformative retailer and customer shopping experiences. It provides digital solutions that improve operational performance and retail experiences. Moreover, the use of insightful analytics from ESLs empowers retailers to make informed decisions about shelf-edge and back-office strategies. This data-driven approach improves overall store management, boosts sales by ensuring better product availability, and lowers operational costs through streamlined processes.

Digitally empowered retailers benefit from efficient supply chains, with safe, pleasant omni-channel customer experiences that include BOPIS, Click and Collect, Reporting, Kerbside Pickup, and In-Store Fulfilment powered by integrated AI-driven platforms. Comprehensive managed services and solutions from a single source improve availability and performance.

Exclusive African partner
NEC XON has been the exclusive African partner for Pricer ESL since 2006. Experienced, certified, and trained consultants, technicians and engineers design and deploy Pricer, the world’s leading physical and digital retail solutions, for some of Africa’s and the world’s largest and most respected retail groups.

We help retailers enhance store operations and stock availability, simplify their operations, lower costs and reduce support challenges, improve availability, and deliver an integrated, unified platform. Robotics-driven, AI platforms are globally tried and tested to deliver transformative retail solutions that improve revenues, gross profit and Customer experience. The solution is being used:

  • In more than 25000 stores worldwide
  • By the biggest retail groups in Africa
  • By over 650 large and small retailers in South Africa and Africa
  • In more than 70+ countries

Our specialised sales team can take you through a proof of concept that generates margins for one of South Africa’s leading retail brands. Book your time with them today. 

 +27 11 237 4500

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