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Smart Retailers are Adopting Loss Prevention Tech

| Ivana | Partner Content

Retailers – you work hard to attract customers to your store. Don’t let your profits evaporate by leaving yourself vulnerable to theft and fraud. Glory CASHINFINITY™ automated cash handling at the point of sale incorporates advanced security features such as counterfeit detection, secure cash storage and audit trails.


Cashiers no longer need to touch cash. Rest easy knowing that your cash is safe and secure, and your business is protected, by the world’s leading cash automation technology manufacturer.

Take advantage of the benefits:

- Cash Shrinkage - reduces the risk.

- Increased Security - enhanced counterfeit detection, significantly reduces cash processing times.

- Reduced Time and Costs - optimised cash collection/delivery scheduling

- Cash Level Controls - reduced time for float preparation and End of Day (EoD) cash reconciliation.

Our technology is available through our local technology partner Clyronex

Watch this video to learn more.  (link to YouTube Video)

Download this ebrochure to learn more.

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