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Premier Pallets

Address: M57 Yard Goede Hoop Avenue, Doringkloof, Irene, Pretoria
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About Us
Premier Pallets CC started off in 2000 and is today one of the main plastic pallet businesses in South Africa specializing in new and pre-owned plastic pallets – ranking usually amongst the top 3 on Google SA.


New pallets
On new plastic pallets we offer a wide range of light and heavy duty plastic pallets to all industries, from the small business to the listed companies on the JSE. Ninety percent of our pallets are made from recycled material.


Pre-owned plastic pallets
We offer the widest range of plastic pallets in South Africa, and thus is accomplished by buying quality pre-owned plastic pallets in bulk and then offering it to our clients at much reduced prices, in order to save them time and money. Ninety percent of our pallets are from recycled material.


Why plastic?
Unlike wooden pallets, the size and strength will be consistent. Plastic pallets are recyclable, water resistant, and have no mould or dust contamination issues which makes it easier for export purposes.



Establishment year: 2000
Business location has not been defined