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R.O.C.S is a specialized provider of tailored cost reduction solutions for retailers and business owners. With a team of qualified experts in refrigeration, air conditioning, and energy reduction, the company offers a comprehensive range of services to address various technical and electrical issues in stores, including bakery, hot foods, and generators.

At the core of R.O.C.S's approach is a free audit, serving as the starting point for their engagement with clients. During this process, R.O.C.S experts thoroughly assess the business's operations, identifying areas where cost savings can be achieved. This audit provides business owners with valuable insights and a clear understanding of potential improvement opportunities.ROCS_b.jpg

R.O.C.S excels in refrigeration services, offering audits, installations, and repairs to optimize the performance and efficiency of refrigeration systems. Similarly, they provide consultations and services for air conditioning systems, enhancing energy efficiency, and reducing operating costs.

Energy management is a key focus for R.O.C.S, as they assist businesses in implementing strategies and technologies to minimize energy consumption. This results in substantial cost savings. Additionally, R.O.C.S specializes in building management systems, including the scheduling of generators' load, ensuring optimal usage and minimizing waste.

The company also offers services related to diesel savings and monitoring. By implementing effective monitoring systems, R.O.C.S helps businesses track and optimize their diesel consumption, leading to significant cost reductions.

Temperature and energy monitoring are critical for cost control, and R.O.C.S provides solutions that enable businesses to have real-time visibility into their energy usage. This empowers them to take proactive measures to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

To facilitate the implementation of cost-saving measures, R.O.C.S offers financing options.

This flexibility allows clients to access the necessary resources without straining their budgets.

Finally, asset management is a vital aspect of R.O.C.S's services. They assist businesses in optimizing the management of their assets related to refrigeration, air conditioning, and energy systems. This includes maintenance, repairs, and replacement strategies, ultimately maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of these assets.

With R.O.C.S's comprehensive range of services, expertise, and customer-centric approach, retailers and business owners can achieve significant cost reductions and improve overall operational efficiency.





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