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Serco’s New Refrigerated Trailers Lighten Loads and Elevate Image

| Ivana | Partner Content

Serco, a leading manufacturer of truck bodies and trailers, is breaking new ground in terms of vehicle weight reduction with its expanded line of refrigerated trailers.

The cutting-edge innovations empower customers to tailor their transport solutions, setting a new standard for efficiency and customisation.

“Our injected panel technology which we have offered for several years has given customers improved durability and thermal performance,” said CEO of Serco Clinton Holcroft. “Now the new Protec Plus with its upgraded side wall panels and superior finishes and our Protec Lite – both offering significant reductions in tare weight - have expanded the range of customised options available to customers.”

Protec Plus: Elevating Performance, Enhancing Image

Holcroft said the Protec Plus was at the forefront of Serco's latest offerings. “With an opulent finish, this premium model boasts panels fortified by a 70-density polyurethane injected foam, ensuring unmatched durability and a polished exterior. The addition of pristine white external capping elevates its aesthetic appeal,” he said.

“Inside, recesses for load lock rails and aluminium profiled scuff plates minimise wear and tear, while a surface-mounted LED strip light enhances interior visibility, rendering obsolete the need to drill into the roof to mount electrical fittings.”

Protec Lite: Maximising Payload, Minimising Weight

Holcroft said the Protec Lite - designed to meet the demands of payload-driven transporters - emerges as a winning solution with its intelligent design and the incorporation of high tensile steel on the chassis resulting in a significant weight reduction of more than 700kg compared to its standard counterpart. “For the insulated body, robust Protec steel external facing is fused with a lightweight composite interior skin, enabling us to champion both strength and performance.”

A leading South African transporter handling distribution for a large local retailer ordered 19 Protec Plus trailers ahead of the upcoming festive season, while two of the new Protec Lite trailers have already been delivered to a long-standing customer specialising in long-distance refrigerated transport.

"Our comprehensive range ensures every customer finds their perfect fit, underscoring our commitment to giving our clients the competitive edge," Holcroft added.

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