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SA the cheapest country to live in

| Economic factors

Living in New York and looking for a retirement destination? South Africa may just be the place for you.


SA the cheapest country to live in

Living in New York and looking for a retirement destination? South Africa may just be the place for you.

The country has been ranked as the cheapest country in the world to live and retire in, according to a new report, citing dollar strength against local currencies.

GoBankingRates ranked 112 nations by four key affordability indices provided by online pricing database Numbeo:

  • Local purchasing power index: Measures the relative purchasing power of a typical salary in that country, compared to New York City. A lower purchasing power buys fewer goods, while a higher purchasing power buys more.
  • Rent index: Compares typical rental prices in the country to New York City.
  • Groceries index: Compares typical grocery prices in the country to New York City.
  • Consumer price index: Compares costs of local goods and services — including restaurants, groceries, transportation and utilities — to New York City.

 South Africa versus New York

  • Local purchasing power is 26.9% higher
  • Rent is 87.5% cheaper
  • Groceries are 71% cheaper
  • Local goods and services are 65.8% cheaper

“South Africa is the cheapest country to live or retire in. It is also the world’s largest producer of platinum, gold and chromium, which goes far to enrich the country and its economy.

“This resulted in a local purchasing power that’s significantly higher than what New Yorkers face, which is the most favourable factor that puts South Africa at number one,” GoBanking Rates said.

It said that along with a higher local purchasing power, South Africa also offers lower prices on consumer goods, groceries and rent.

Top 10 cheapest countries to live and retire

1. South Africa

2. India

3. Kosovo

4. Saudi Arabia

5. Kazakhstan

6. Zambia

7. Oman

8. Paraguay

9. Czech Republic

10. Macedonia

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