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Pick n Pay is Full of Treats This Spooky Season

30 October 2023 | Ivana | Innovation and technology

The trick’s in the treats with Pick n Pay’s new affordable ‘confined brand’. Launched just in time for spooky season, the in-house Treat Street range is the retailer’s latest offering in the sweet aisle. In a stubbornly high-inflation environment, private labels are seen as a significant growth lever for retailers, while providing more choice for stretched consumers.  

Currently, private labels comprise about 20% of South African supermarkets’ shelf space, versus about 50% in international markets, indicating significant growth potential. Confined brands – which are manufactured for specific retailers under unique branding – form part of private labels.  

Lauren Bolton, Special Occasions & Rewards Product Developer at Pick n Pay, says the retailer wants to surprise and delight customers with beautiful confectionery that will satisfy their cravings but not break the bank. “We’ve identified an opportunity to offer our shoppers not just any confectionery product but a quality, affordable experience under our brand. Treat Street is exclusive to Pick n Pay, serving as a hallmark for all our sweet offerings.” 

What makes this new brand such a treat?  

The inspiration behind the new Treat Street range was the intent to offer loyal shoppers a range of fresh new flavours and variety that differs from everyday brands. This competitively priced range, from R16.99 to R31.99, offers customers affordable options without compromising on taste or quality, for example, the gummy sweets are the cheapest on the market at R24.99*. We need to stay attuned to market trends and we are deeply committed to meeting customers' needs and desires.” 

Wonka-levels of innovation at affordable price points

Innovation is the name of the game with Pick n Pay’s new Treat Street range, which includes top sellers such as the Watermelon Slices, Fruity Quenches, Strawberry Kisses, Sour Mix, and the Giant Rainbow Mallows. 

The private label movement

Local retailers like Pick n Pay, have seen double-digit growth in their private-label or own-brand products, proving them to be a strategic business imperative. In the US alone, private label sales rose by 8% in the first half of 2023. Globally, private labels continue to gobble market share as consumers shift buying behaviours, driven by price sensitivity in a tough economic climate.  

Treat Street is the latest offering to join Pick n Pay’s suite of house brands, and the retailer is optimistic it will follow the impressive performance trends of many of its other lines.  

Bolton concludes, “Our new Treat Street range offers shoppers more choices, unique products, and pocket-friendly prices. Pick n Pay is continuously delivering innovative, high-quality, and value-for-money products that South Africans can love and afford. We’ve launched it just in time for Halloween so South Africans have something sweet to treat excited little people with on one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year.”