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Woolworths trashes plastic egg box trial following social media outrage

| Going green

South African retailer Woolworths has called off a retail trial that introduced colourful plastic egg containers, following backlash from customers on social media platforms.

The limited-run egg boxes were an attempt to take a more ‘playful’ and re-usable approach to storing eggs. The plastic containers came in bright colours, with a pack of 8 eggs costing R34.99.

However, backlash was almost immediate, with users taking to Twitter and Facebook to complain about the product, which they said was an unnecessary as wasteful addition, considering the biodegradable nature of the recycled cartons eggs are currently sold in.

Many users criticised Woolworths for using plastic – even though the company pointed out that the boxes were designed to be re-used, could be recycled and returned to stores to be donated to other people.

Woolworths also argued that the platic containers were not replacing the old recycled cartons, which would still be available.

On Friday, the retailer relented, however, saying that the trial was called off, and the product would be discontinued and pulled off shelves within a week.

“We’ve heard you and decided to end our Eggyplay toy egg box trial. The boxes will be out of store within the week,” the group said. “Any remaining plastic egg boxes (you can return them to our stores) will be donated through our MySchool programme.”

This is not the first time Woolworths has faced backlash from a quick-to-anger social media audience.

The group was previously forced to put Christian magazines back on its shelves after publicly outcry when they removed them – and even faced backlash for putting Halaal stickers on packets of hot-cross buns in 2012.

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