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Our pledge to sustain and regenerate our earth - Jacksons

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There are so many definitions for Sustainability. It describes many different perspectives for reaching to improve our way of life. The core of sustainability in a modern world looks to drastically reduce carbon emissions, and aid in discoveries that can help develop the technologies of the future.

Not only are we passionate about our ethos to support biodynamic suppliers that supply clean, healthy, preservative free food from sustainable resources…but we have our own “Sustain and Regenerate our Earth”  plan in the Jacksons group.  We are always finding new ways to minimise waste and energy consumption and stay zero waste to landfill in our Eatery and Market.

“We only use farmers that practice regeneration of the land as principle as defined by ecologist, livestock farmer and environmentalist, Allan Savoury.” ~ Gary Jackson

Sustainability in the Jacksons Group


As a principle, we are perfecting our plan to minimize waste.  Our partner, The Glass Recycling Company, has issued us with a glass recycling bin outside our main entrance in Bryanston, to make it easier for our customers to recycle on site and in turn create further employment for the community. We also convert all our wet waste from the building to compostable waste which is sent to farms. All cardboard and plastic is sent for recycling.

Our Interior decor team has used recycled and antique materials to design and manufacture all our tables, chairs and decor in our markets.

Sustainability in the Jacksons Grou



From a zero waste point of view, our Eatery is contributing wet waste to close-by farmers as compost and we recycle all other items. Furthermore, we have partnered with charities that collects all leftovers and perishable foods to distribute to the communities in need.

Something new that we are introducing is a 50% off “approaching end of life” food case, to help minimise waste. 

Sustainability in the Jacksons Group


We also save all grey water and source water from a natural springs where possible. We are totally off the Joburg water grid in Bryanston and will use grey water in Kyalami when it opens.   Water for the entire building and Eatery are from a naturally occurring underground spring, on the site. 


Even though we are far from plastic free, we do have a plan in action.

  • We are urging suppliers to be more aware of the impact on our environment by looking at using alternative, biodegradable and easy recyclable packaging.  This is a work in progress project we have made some great headway and hopefully can limit the plastics in our stores. Our supply base is encouraged to adopt the same principle.Sustainability in the Jacksons Group


  • We supply recycling kits from Keep Life Simple in order to encourage customers to also re-cycle the waste packaging they get from us.
  • We only do paper bags at our tills which are recycled and can be used many times. We also are introducing a fold up recycled shopping bag, which customers can carry around so that they don’t keep forgetting the paper bags at home.

Sustainability in the Jacksons Group

  • We’ve ditched plastic water bottles at our Eatery and have introduced our very own Spring Water, tested and filtered, with no reverse osmosis – right from under our building. You might have noticed the beautiful glass bottles that we are serving our water in at the Eatery. We have also urged our customers and suppliers to support glass packaging where possible. Our Still water carries a R2 service fee per litre and we charge R9 a litre for Sparkling water which tastes just like “Perrier”.

Sustainability plan in the Jacksons Group

  • Our biggest challenge is becoming a zero plastic packaging market or at least closer every year going forward.


We are currently investing in solar panels for our roof top and also in the process of setting up an Urban farm. We have also upgraded the parks and circle around the store in Bryanston (which is ongoing) and we sponsor the River clean ups. At Kyalami we will create a working farm on the patio section.

Lastly but not least, we also have orientated the building to be cooled naturally and to date have not switched on our air conditioning in the store, as we rely on natural draft.



We are all part of this world and we should realize that recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment!

Let’s all pledge to consciously be more aware of sustainability in our modern world, for a better future…Let’s focus on the 7th generation from now! What world will they inherit?

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