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Increased swipes grows PnP Smart Shopper points kitty to over R245 million

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Pick n Pay’s Smart Shopper loyalty programme continues to grow beyond its 9 million membership base, and increased participation has seen the total of unredeemed points climb to R245 million.

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This is up from R200-million in unredeemed points the retailer reported a few months ago, and says this is because more customers are swiping their cards more often to get savings.
“Increased popularity means we now have more Smart Shoppers than ever before,” says Andrew Mills, Group Executive: Marketing at Pick n Pay. “For 10 years, customers have enjoyed the benefits of our loyalty programme but it is evident that customers are maximising their rewards more than ever as everyone feels the impact of the past year.”
Smart Price and personalised discounts have driven loyalty participation to close to 80% of Pick n Pay sales. “Many customers have joined Smart Shopper to get the Smart Price deals but are further rewarded with cashback in points every time they swipe their cards.

"We have paid out millions in Smart Shopper points to customers, and we really want to encourage all customers to use these savings too. Points are a huge benefit at no cost.”
He says that unredeemed points average between R20 and R50 for regular Pick n Pay shoppers, but many have hundreds of Rands waiting to be spent.Pick n Pay Smart Shopper has delivered over R900 million in savings over the last six weeks in celebration of its 10-year anniversary. Part of this includes boosting customers’ points, for example Pick n Pay Wine Club, one of four dedicated Smart Shopper Clubs, is offering 10x Smart Shopper points on wine purchases. To redeem their points, customers need to first register their card. Thereafter, points can be spent directly at any till point or on Pick n Pay’s online shop within 12 months of earning the points. “Many customers like to save their points for a big grocery shop, or to buy items of clothing.”
He says customers can also use their points outside Pick n Pay stores whether it is for fuel at BP or at one of the programme’s many partners that lets customers switch points for a voucher.  For example:
R50 in SS points will get you a R200 Netflorist voucher
R20 in SS points will get you a Cappuccino from Vida e caffe
R40 in SS points can get you a R50 Spur e-voucher
R40 in SS points will get you a Ster Kinekor 2D movie voucher valued at R84
R50 in SS points can be switched to a R100 Intercape voucher
“We are really focused on rewarding our customers with cashback and tailored promotions to help them, especially during challenging times when customers need savings the most,” says Mills.
By 7 November 2021, Pick n Pay hopes to have delivered over R1 billion in savings and prizes for its members. “950 stores across the country are randomly selecting one Smart Shopper winner every day, for two weeks, to win their shop for free. This means 13,000 Smart Shoppers will have been surprised with a zero price tag on their shop in celebration of our 10th anniversary.”

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