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Pick n Pay launches fitness equipment range to meet demand of new stay-at-home habits

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Pick n Pay has launched a new and affordable fitness equipment range to make fitness equipment more accessible for customers opting to exercise at home.

As customers continue to adapt their lifestyle to lockdown, many have continued with some of the habits they adopted from the earlier lockdown, such as home workouts.

The new LIVEFIT range of exercise equipment consists of over 75 products – ranging from yoga mats, bands, balls, and dumbbell sets to exercise bikes and weightlifting benches, and home gyms.

“It’s great to see so many people finding ways to workout at home. With many still working from home, it has also become more convenient to do home workouts, especially with children also being at home,” says John Bradshaw, retail executive of marketing at Pick n Pay.

He adds, “With many resources now available online to help customers remain active at home, this new range of quality fitness equipment, suited to every budget, seeks to complement customers’ fitness goals – whether they are starting their fitness journey or wanting to level up their intensity.”

“Our new LIVEFIT range will help us support customers to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle in 2021 by offering a convenient health and wellness solution, all under one roof,” says Bradshaw.

LIVEFIT is an extension of the retailer’s Livewell food brand which launched in 2019 to help customers live a healthier life. The Livewell range makes healthy eating accessible to all customers by offering clear labelling of nutritional, dietician approved foods.

“We are also very excited to launch a LIVEFIT clothing range soon,” adds Bradshaw.

Completing Pick n Pay’s aim to grow as a health destination is free access to a dedicated and registered dietitian who is able to provide nutrition advice via its health hotline on 0800 11 22 88 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Products available at selected stores nationwide, all PnP Hypermarkets and will soon be available on PnP’s online shop

Pick n Pay’s new LIVEFIT fitness equipment range includes:

·         Livefit Bar with Spin Lock

·         Livefit Barbell Bars: 142 cm & 180cm

·         Livefit Barbell Collars

·         Livefit Barbell set 30 kg

·         Livefit Barbell Discs ranging from 1 kg up to 20 kg

·         Livefit Prime Barbell Bench

·         Livefit Dynamic Barbell Set

·         Livefit Dumbbell Handle 38 cm

·         Livefit Soft Touch Dumbbell set (1kg, 2kg and 3kg)

·         Livefit Soft Touch Dumbbells ranging from 0.5 kg up to 5kg

·         Livefit Dumbbell set 10 kg & 20 kg

·         Livefit Kettlebells ranging from 2 kg up to 12 kg

·         Livefit Sit Up Bench

·         Livefit Power Gym

·         Livefit Exercise Bikes

·         Livefit Spinning Bike

·         Livefit 55 cm, 65 cm and 75cm Gym Ball

·         Livefit 3 mm and 6mm PVC Yoga Mat

·         Livefit 10 mm NBR Yoga Mat

·         Livefit 45 cm Epp Foam Roller

·         Livefit Eva Hollow Foam Roller

·         Livefit Latex Loop Bands 3 pack

·         Livefit Latex Power Bands Light, Medium and Strong

·         Livefit 9 ft PVC Speed Jump Rope

·         Livefit 9 ft PVC Jump Rope with Foam Handles

·         Livefit Cotton Jump Rope

·         Livefit Fitness Resistance Bands

·         Livefit Resistance Power Tube Set

·         Livefit Yoga Block

·         Livefit Pilates Ring

·         Livefit Suspension Trainer

·         Livefit Yoga Strap Belt 180 cm

·         Livefit S/M and L/XL Slimming Belts

·         Livefit Ab Wheel

·         Livefit Eva Interlocking Mats

·         Livefit Curved and Foam Hand Grips

·         Livefit Weighted Gloves 0.5 kg pair and 1 kg pair

·         Livefit Core Performer

·         Livefit Torso Slider

·         Livefit Doorway Pull Up Gym

·         Livefit Ankle & Wrist Weights 1 kg and 2 kg

·         Livefit Unisex Gym Gloves

·         Livefit Sauna Suits


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