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A look at what consumers really want to know about your business

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We know that consumers always look at a business online before deciding whether or not they would like to purchase from them, but what do they want to see when they look at your online profiles that will ultimately turn them into a customer?

Recent studies have shown that in order for a consumer to choose your business over another, they want to know more than just product and pricing information, but also look at information like reviews, photos, testimonials and videos.

Here’s the primary information consumers look at when deciding on a business:

  • Price
  • Products and Services offered
  • Availability of Service
  • Customer Service
  • Location

This is information that all businesses should have readily available on their social media pages and websites.

Here is the secondary information consumers look at when considering purchasing from a business:

  • Do they have any coupons or offers?
  • What do the testimonials and reviews of other customers say?
  • Can any family members or friends recommend them?
  • Are there any photos or videos of your business, staff or products, and if so, how do they look?
  • Do you have a familiar logo or slogan that they recognize?

While the primary information is very important, consumers now look more towards the secondary information when putting their trust in your company.  Ask existing customers for testimonials and be constantly aware of what people are saying about your business. Include photos and videos on your online pages, and encourage consumers to share photos when they buy products they like.

Make sure your online pages, especially your social media pages, show both the primary and secondary information consumers would like to see, in order to convert them to a customer. Its simple things such as this that can help your business grow and thrive!

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