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Woolworth’s Dash same-day delivery didn’t hugely impress

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In December last year, Woolworths unveiled Dash, its same-day delivery service – and belated answer to Checkers’ wildly popular Sixty60 app.

Woolworths Dash came more than one year after Checkers unveiled its own native same-day app, and several months after Pick n Pay snapped up Bottles to offer a similar service. 

But almost as soon as it launched, Dash was pilloried on social media and in app-store reviews. In its first month the iPhone app has attracted more than 20 one-star reviews, and the Android equivalent is rated just 1.9 out of 5, after 208 reviews.


Woolies Dash App Reviews
Woolies Dash App Reviews
Woolies Dash App Reviews
Woolies Dash App Reviews



Sixty60 launched with an audacious promise to deliver groceries within 60 minutes, but Dash was less ambitious. Instead of guaranteed delivery within an hour, Dash users are required to pick delivery time slots in 60 minute segments for the day ahead.

As multiple users have pointed out, securing an actual slot has been a near impossible task.



Woolworths has been at pains to point out that the app is still in its trial phase, and that it has deliberately limited time slots. It did not explain why the app also came with a host of design and notification failures, some of which have since been fixed.






After weeks of trying, Business Insider South Africa was finally able to secure a slot and fully test the service. Given the complaints, and our own battles with the earlier versions of the app, our expectations were low.

Here's what happened when we tested Woolworths Dash with an eclectic mix of items.

Delivery will cost you R15 more than Checkers, normally – if you can find what you are looking for

To secure a time slot, we had to place our order first thing in the morning, and move fast. Just after 08:00, a moment's hesitation saw a slot two hours later disappear, and we had to settle on an early afternoon delivery instead.





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