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These brands come out tops from Icon Brands Benchmark Survey

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By: Given Majola – Business Report

South Africans voted with their wallets and hearts, creating 52 Icon brands for 2023/24, according to the latest Icon Brands Benchmark Survey by Ask Afrika.

These brands were said to do more than just satisfy consumers’ wants and needs, as they also became symbols and contributed to the way users defined their status and their personalities.

From a South African perspective, Ask Afrika said they had to ask themselves which brands unite the nation and which brands were used and loved by South Africans.

This survey, The Icon Brands Benchmark Survey by Ask Afrika, identified Icon brands and also celebrated brands across 195 product categories.

Thousands of brands across hundreds of product categories were included in the initial analysis, with only 52 Icon brands identified for 2023/24.

A further 50 brands were awarded platinum status, which meant that their total icon score was at iconic levels but not across all population groups.

Not all categories had Icon brands.

These category leaders often dominated their space and were often Iconic among those consumers who had access to these products.

Maria Petousis, executive at TGI & Africa, Ask Afrika, said consumers were so committed to these brands that they were prepared to put their money where their mouths were to demonstrate this commitment.

Below is a full list of the brands:

1. Ace Instant is the winner of the breakfast cereals (hot) – porridge/mabele category

2. Albany Superior is the winner of the bread category

3. All Gold is an icon brand and is the winner of the spreads: jams or marmalades category

4. All Gold is the winner of the condiments: table sauces – tomato sauce, ketchup category

5. All Gold is the winner of the condiments: table sauces – mustard category

6. All Gold is the winner of the prepared sauces/pastes category

7. Black Cat is an icon brand and is the winner of the spreads: peanut butter category

8. Doom is an icon brand and is the winner of the insecticides or insect repellents category

9. Energade is an icon brand and is the winner of the sport drinks category

10. Fatti’s & Moni’s is an icon brand and is the winner of the pasta category

11. Jungle Energy Bar is the winner of the cereal bars category

12. Jungle Energy Crunch Muesli is the winner of the breakfast cereals (cold) – muesli category

13. Jungle Oats is an icon brand and is the winner of the breakfast cereals (hot) – oats category

14. Koo is an icon brand and is the winner of the tinned fruit category

15. Koo is an icon brand and is the winner of the tinned/canned beans category

16. Koo is an icon brand and is the winner of the tinned vegetables category

17. Koo is the winner of the baking aids – toppings and fillings category

18. Oros is the winner of the liquid fruit squashes, nectars and cordials (dilute before drinking) category

19. Tastic is the winner of the rice and couscous category

Eleven brands in the Tiger Brands portfolio received top places across 19 categories in the recent Ask Afrika Icon Brands 2024 survey, with consumers voting them some of South Africa’s most loved and trusted. Seven of these brands were named icon brands.

The Ask Afrika Icon Brands 2024 recognised Koo (winner in three categories); Black Cat; All Gold; Jungle Oats; Fatti’s & Moni’s; Energade and Doom as icon brands.

Zayd Abrahams, Tiger Brands’ chief marketing and strategy officer, said the Tiger Brands’ winning and iconic heritage brands were among their brands that have been part of South African family meals for generations, maintaining a special connection with consumers from all walks of life.

“We continue to rejuvenate and invest in our focus brands to ensure they resonate with the evolving health, nutrition and affordability needs of consumers we serve, remaining true to our purpose to nourish and nurture more lives every day,” Abrahams said.

The Ask Afrika survey, from which the winners were selected, received input from close on 25 000 consumers representing 28.6 million South Africans aged 15 and above, with winners being selected from a list of more than 8 000 local brands.

Icon brands are identified as those brands to which South African show loyalty. Icon brands share a common experience, often daily, which South Africans are committed to in a real sense. South Africans love them and are loyal to them and will even look for them when abroad.

Tiger Brands’ Icon Brands included: Koo – Tinned Fruit, Koo –Tinned/Canned Beans, Koo – Tinned Vegetables, Black Cat – Spreads: Peanut Butter, Jungle Oats – Breakfast Cereals (Hot): Oats, Doom – Insecticides/Insect Repellents, Fatti’s & Moni’s – Pasta, All Gold – Spreads: Jams and Marmalade, Energade – Sports Drinks

The Ask Afrika Icon Brands Benchmark Survey metrics were metrics that chief executive officers, chief financial officers and chief marketing officers included in their scorecards as it was a measurement that went to the heart of measuring marketing return on investment (ROI) in that it rewarded brands that have generated critical mass in their categories and have built a high level of consumer loyalty at the same time.

According to the benchmark, not all brands had the goal of becoming icon brands, so it was important to benchmark the icon score relative to the marketing strategy and ultimately within the relevant target market and competitive set.

“Because the TGI survey is designed to identify and understand target markets, it is possible to calculate icon scores for almost any target market. If your marketing strategy is working, then you should have a good or improving icon score in your target market.”

It was also critically important to be able to devise communication strategies to influence metrics like this. The TGI survey provided this capability as extensive media consumption data was collected with the branded data.



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