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him! Identifies the key ways to effectively engage & communicate in-store

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According to latest research from him!, convenience store shoppers are more impulsive now than they have been since before the recession - 18% are looking to be inspired in store and 1-in-3 purchasing decisions are made in-store.

Busy lifestyles mean that one-in-three convenience store shoppers want to be in and out of store as quickly as possible. Combine this with the fact that the typical convenience store shopper visits their local store over 200 times per year means that they are often shopping on autopilot in store.

Another major challenge identified by him! to influencing purchases via communication in store is shopper tendency to set a weekly grocery budget. This budget mind-set means that 78% of c-store shoppers say they “will only buy the things needed here today”. Thus retailers and suppliers are faced with several major challenges when aiming to engage on the shop floor.

12% of shoppers pick up products from displays from aisle ends, this is much higher for top up shoppers. him! says products on aisle ends should target these shoppers, who are more open to browsing in-store.

Front of store is a critical area to get communication right. 8% of convenience store shoppers pick up products from displays at the front of store but it also helps set their mind-set for the rest for their shop.

17% of shoppers notice communications whilst queuing or at counter (no2 only to the main aisles) so it’s a key place for in-store comms.

While only 1/3 of convenience shoppers smoke, 61% of shoppers say they have noticed that tobacco products are no longer visible in convenience stores. This highlights how visible space behind the counter is.

Early morning shoppers are the least open to influence. They want to get in and out as quickly as possible and are less likely to buy on impulse. Focus this time of day on speed of service.

As you can see, despite the challenge of interrupting shoppers on autopilot, there are massive opportunities when targeted engagement is applied in store.

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