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Engen Driver Wellness back in the spotlight this Transport Month 

| Social Responsibility

The Engen Driver Wellness campaign again takes the front seat this October, ensuring that truck driver health and wellness, and road safety in general is prioritised.   

In partnership with Trucking Wellness, Engen Driver Wellness will offer free voluntary health screenings to all commercial truck drivers at 20 sites across 7 provinces of South Africa.  

All truck drivers passing through Gauteng, Free State, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Limpopo, Northern Cape and the Eastern and Western Cape are invited to visit participating Engen 1-Stops and Truck Stops (see full schedule below) for free voluntary health screenings.  

On completion of screening, drivers will also receive free toiletry bags as a token of appreciation.  

Engen's Manager: Transformation and Stakeholder Engagement, Dr James Xolani Nyawera, says the main aim of this initiative is to improve driver health and overall road safety by offering free screenings at convenient and easy to reach locations. 

In October, mobile clinics will be located at selected Engen Truck Stops and Engen 1 Stop service stations, all offering free screenings by qualified nurses and councillors, including blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, malaria, TB & STI screening, BMI (Body Mass Index) and HIV/AIDS testing, counselling and condom distribution.  

Engen’s Commercial Marketing and Business Development Manager, Adnaan Emeran says for the past ten years, the Engen Driver Wellness Programme has sought to improve occupational health and wellness among long-distance truck drivers by providing free health screenings, healthy lifestyle advice and consultations where necessary. 

“Engen’s relationship with the transport fraternity stretches back many decades and we have enormous respect for an industry that is a crucial cog in helping to keep the wheels of South Africa’s economy turning,” says Emeran.  

“We believe in adding value in a sustainable and specialised manner, which is based on our extensive knowledge of the sector.  

Adds Emeran: “Truck drivers are the true heroes on our highways. Given the long hours many truck drivers spend on the road, hauling cargo across the African continent and the stresses associated with the job, we believe that interventions such as our Driver Wellness programme provides a critical pillar of support in making a difference to both Fleet owners and truck operators.” 

In addition, Engen recently announced a partnership with the SaferStops Association (SSA), which seeks to improve truck stop facilities by focusing on healthy meal alternatives, exercise facilities and rest areas that allow commercial truck drivers to take a break after spending long hours on the road. 

“Working together with the SSA, Engen is actively looking at ways in which it can improve its facilities and ensure that the changing needs of truck drivers are catered for,” comments Emeran.  

Some key changes on the cards at Engen Truck Stops include healthier food options, improved ablution facilities and recreational areas, with a gym already installed at the Gone South Engen Truck Stop, while four Truck Stops offer permanent clinics on site. 

“After months of research into the health and nutritional needs of drivers, we are about to pilot a new healthy meal offering, with drivers eventually able to order nutritiously prepared meals at affordable prices through an App,” explains Emeran. 

“Focusing on improved driver health, nutrition and wellness has a massive impact for both drivers and their families. 

“Our partnership with Trucking Wellness and collaboration with SSA further re-enforces Engen’s commitment to being a sustainable energy solutions partner, enriching lives for a better future,” says Emeran. 

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