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Shoprite Group leads SA retailers in addressing climate change and water challenges

| Social Responsibility

The Shoprite Group has cemented its position as South Africa’s top-rated retailer for corporate disclosure, transparency and performance on climate change and water security.

Africa’s largest retailer achieved ‘A-’ Leadership Level Ratings by the global environmental non-profit, CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), for its environmental leadership and best practice in strategy and action.

This double A-score marks the Group’s second inclusion on the climate change A-list and fourth consecutive year on the water security A-list since 2020.

“We prioritise sustainable practices, reducing our environmental impact through responsible consumption and production. Our commitment extends to renewable energy usage, water conservation, waste management, sustainable packaging, responsible sourcing, and biodiversity preservation,” says Sanjeev Raghubir, Head of Sustainability and CSI at the Group.

Notably, the retailer has made significant strides in increasing its usage of renewable energy – in the last year, it consumed 103 234 kWh of renewable energy (up 91%), which reduced its emissions by 106 141 tCO2e.

At the same time, electricity consumption was reduced by 161 million kWh through the LED lamp replacement project.

“We are also reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from our logistics operations by using the latest technology Euro 5 compliant trucks, which produce fewer GHG emissions and are more fuel efficient; and using solar PV panels on the roofs of our trailers which allows the trucks to be switched off while the refrigeration and the tailgate lift continue to run,” says Raghubir.

Regarding water security, the Group uses a centralised system connecting smart electricity and water meters to monitor usage efficiently. This helps to identify leaks, validate usage accuracy, and manage consumption effectively.

“We reduced our water use intensity by 6.6%, which equates to R18.3 billion over the 2023 financial year. In addition, we are increasing the availability of clean drinking water in rural communities by expanding our support of PlayPumps to 53 sites across South Africa, which benefits more than
18 000 people,” says Raghubir.

“Through strategic investments in clever systems, the Group has improved efficiencies, expanded customer choice, minimised food waste, and uplifted the communities in which we operate.

“This is coupled with a commitment to sustainability by making better choices for the planet and changing our business for good,” says Raghubir.

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