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Food Lover’s Market launches exclusive partnership with Jan Braai Boerewors in time for Heritage Day

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In time for Heritage Day 2019, Food Lover’s Market - South Africa’s leading fresh produce retailer - has announced that it will stock Jan Braai Boerewors exclusively as of September. South Africans will now be able to buy and enjoy the same superior Jan Braai Boerewors countrywide on Heritage Day.

Says Simon Parker, Head of Butchery for Food Lover’s Market, “I can confidently say that this is the best boerewors in the world. Made out of a central facility, to a strict set of standards and with a unique blend of spices, it is unrivalled. You be the judge!”

The desire to launch a superior boerewors has long been a goal for Jan Braai - a passionate advocate for South Africans getting together around a braai.

Says Jan, “Food Lover’s Market has looked into developing a superior boerewors for a number of years and eventually approached me to stock my unique recipe exclusively in their stores. Their overall aim was to ensure that they’re offering the best boerewors in South Africa.”

“It was an appealing proposition as I have wanted to develop a product that is consistent and available countrywide to all braai enthusiasts. I identified a need for South Africa to have a market leader in boerewors - a product that you know will always be consistently superior to its counterparts. No single label from any other retailer guarantees this consistent quality as other butchers don’t use the same casing and meat block from batch to batch.”

Continues Jan, “What makes my boerewors the best? It’s the consistent marriage of spices, quality meat and good processes. While taste can be objective, the spice profile is fantastic in my opinion and will appeal to most pallets. To ensure consistent quality, we have ensured that we always use the same cuts of meat in each batch - 70% beef and 30% pork. Moreover, we take our time making the boerewors, making smaller batches to ensure a superior product.”

A final tip from Jan, “The biggest tip I have is not to “over braai” your boerewors. It’s meant to be enjoyed juicy, so don’t kill it on the braai.”

Retailing at a price of R99.99 for original and thick boerewors and R89.99 for pork boerewors, Jan Braai Boerewors is exclusively available in Food Lover’s Market stores countrywide.

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