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Engen and Tharisa Mines collaborate to support Marikana matrics

| Social Responsibility

Engen, in partnership with Tharisa Mines, has once again taken proactive steps to empower the Marikana North High matric class by providing them with study guides to assist them in preparing for their final exams.

This long-standing collaboration aims to support educational endeavours at Marikana North High School. The handover event on 20 June saw the distribution of 607 study guides across various subjects to support matric learners in their upcoming exams:

  • Mathematics Literacy – 134
  • Life Sciences Part 1 – 134
  • Life Sciences Part 2 – 134
  • Business Studies – 24
  • Economics – 24
  • English – 157

Recognising the challenges many students face, these study guides are designed to help consolidate the syllabus and enhance understanding.

Engen’s CSI Manager, Olwethu Mdabula, emphasises that the primary aim of this initiative was to help improve academic standards in the Marikana area.

“We are delighted to see that the overall matric pass rate at Marikana North High School increased by 7% last year. Education is the cornerstone of progress, and by supporting these matric learners, we hope to empower them with the tools they need to build a brighter future," says Mdabula.

Engen and Tharisa Mines are committed to nurturing the potential of every student, ensuring that they have the resources and support necessary to succeed academically.

It is a collaboration that exemplifies the two companies’ dedication to empowering local communities and fostering a culture of learning and growth.

As a company, Engen champions education as a central pillar of its social investment.

“Engen is firmly committed to building tomorrow’s leaders, and if we want to ensure that the youth of tomorrow are prepared for a rapidly changing world, we need to ensure that they have the right mix of skills for them to reach their full potential,” adds Mdabula.

In 2023, Engen invested R41 million in Learnerships and Bursaries, along with a further R34 million in other social causes, such as its flagship CSI programme, the Engen Maths and Science Schools.

The Engen Maths and Science Schools (EMSS) are central to Engen’s efforts to contribute to the growth and transformation of South Africa.

Engen's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering educational excellence is reflected in the 2023 EMSS matric class results, which reported a record 97% overall pass rate, and an impressive 77% bachelor pass rate.

Since its inception in 1987, the EMSS programme has been the cornerstone of Engen's commitment to societal transformation, today offering over 1,500 learners annually vital supplementary tuition.

Mdabula says that the 2023 EMSS matric results affirm the pivotal role that the programme plays in bridging educational disparities and equipping talented learners from disadvantaged backgrounds with the necessary tools for success.

“EMSS works tirelessly to help transform young underprivileged people’s lives, with a focus on creating a diverse and vibrant workforce.”

As a company, Engen advocates 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 4 - Quality Education, underscoring its long-held endeavour to foster inclusive and equitable educational opportunities for all.

Adds Mdabula: “Engen recognises that investing in quality education is vital for driving positive change and fostering a diverse and skilled workforce.”

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