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#WTP: New campaign heroes the potato

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To create intrigue and interest around one of South Africa's most popular vegetables - the potato - Potatoes SA has launched a new #WTP campaign to inform and educate about their nutritional benefits and versatility when it comes to preparation. After all, what is fish without chips, "wors" without mash or a "braai" without wedges?

A first for Potatoes SA (an industry organisation that supports the potato producers within each region in South Africa), its #WTP or “where’s the potato?” campaign has been developed as a creative, tongue-in-cheek call to action to get consumers around the country talking about potatoes. Launched across TV, radio, and print, and through an interactive social media campaign. 

“#WTP will demonstrate that potatoes are versatile, wholesome and are a great accompaniment to most meals. It will also assist consumers to create nutritious and delicious, as well as novel potato based meals – ensuring their families benefit from the vitamins, minerals and natural energy they provide,” explains Dr Andre Jooste, CEO of Potatoes SA. 

The campaign will introduce new recipes and food pairing ideas to consumers via social media, countering many of the misperceptions about potatoes that are still prevalent across the country. “We’re working closely with a nutritionist and professional chef to ensure that South Africans learn how to include potatoes in meals in a wholesome nutritious way. Preparation and portion size are key in unlocking their nutritional benefits,” says Jooste. 

With per capita consumption of potatoes currently standing at 40kgs per person per annum, he adds that the organisation’s efforts are directly connected to growing the industry. “The sector comprises of an estimated 90,000 full-time and temporary potato farm workers, thereby making the potato industry fully committed to positively contributing to the country’s challenge of high unemployment. We’re hoping to create additional awareness around farming as an economic enabler as a spin-off through the campaign.” 

As summer makes itself felt across the country and the smell of braais returns over weekends, #WTP promises to give consumers new reasons to stock up on potatoes. And, with “where’s the potato?” just the start of the campaign, there's a lot to look forward to.

Visit Potato Nation, their Facebook page and Instagram for more.


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