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Festive season & Black Friday rush: The time to get everything clean and ready is now

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Retailers have enough time to get their premises ship-shape and ready for what will be a very busy period of year. The end-of-year festive season spending rush (which kicks off with Black Friday month) is less than two months away.

Our advice is not to waste time. Two months is not a long period of time. Use the time that is available to do a stocktake of what you need and get everything ready before the customers arrive at your door. 

“You need to have the correct systems in place, and this includes having a team that understands the particular requirements of your line of work,” says Malcolm Stephens, Divisional Executive Fidelity Cleaning Services. 

He offers some practical tips that retailers can consider, especially anyone with heavy foot traffic.

  • Put out the welcome mat– International research has found that proper matting at the entry point to a shop or shopfloor can make a big difference in terms of cleanliness and wear and tear. It helps also in avoiding dangerous falls. 

This mat should be regularly cleaned and given enough time to dry properly in between cleans. 

  • Judge a book by its cover – As a business owner, you want your premises to look attractive. This means special focus on those parts that are most visible to passing customers and foot traffic, such as your shopwindows and the immediate entry area. If it looks dirty and unkempt, people are more likely to walk on past and skip your shop. 
  • Bring in extra staff members– This will be a busy and demanding time of year. Your staff members will be working long hours, including those who take care of cleaning. Allow them the chance to relax and recharge by bringing in extra staff members or even an outside professional cleaning services provider, so that this important element of your business is not neglected. 
  • Remember the bugs– More people in your store means more coughing and sneezing. You can help prevent the spread of unwelcome viruses and diseases by putting extra focus on those regularly touched points such as doorknobs, POS systems, and counters. Keep them clean, and you keep the bugs at bay. 
  • Don’t forget the toilets– Poorly maintained restroom facilities have often been given as the reason why people avoid a particular mall or business enterprise. This could only be exacerbated during a busy festive season or Black Friday shopping period, when more people are potentially inside these facilities. 

Keeping dirt, bacteria, debris, and odours out of your restrooms means higher customer satisfaction. It will also ensure the comfort of those who use your facilities. 

“If you are not sure that your cleaning plan for this busy period is adequate, make contact with a professional cleaning services provider today to give you advice,” says Stephens.



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